Thursday November 30th 2023

Mathijs Cornelussen spoke about the theories and models of Talent Development particularly the Dutch Model of Talent in Ontwikkeling (TiO).


Mathijs Cornell has had multiple academic qualifications before becoming a chemistry teacher for middle and high school. He then found his passion working with gifted students particularly those at risk of dropping out. He then became a counselor and coach for high ability adolescents and now divides his time teaching and mentoring adolescents.


In this lecture I will focus on the theories and models about talent development, like the comprehensive/differentiating model of giftedness and talent (C/DMGT), Munich model of giftedness (MMG/MDAAM) or actiotope model of giftedness (SMG), and their application in practice.The Dutch model Talent in Ontwikkeling (TiO) (talent in development) will be explored in relation to these models and their underlying theories. This model including an English version can be found on the website of SLO:

The model uses an interviewing and introspection technique as a method of intervention. TiO presents an idea about opportunities and challenges both from a personal perspective as from an environmental one.

The slides from the talk can be found here.

If you have any questions or wish to learn more about this topic, please contact Mathijs at either or, or via LinkedIn.