Thursday February 24th 2022

Dr Georgia Tsoulfa and Dr Haido Samara from CTY Greece talked about cultivating 21st century skills in high-ability students.

Any educator, researcher or other professional who works in the field of giftedness is aware of many of the characteristics associated with advanced learners such as the ability they have to synthesize new information quickly, their problem-solving skills, their independent pathways to learning, their empathetic nature, their sensitivity to their environment and the desire they have for a personal connection with others. In the heart of the educational focus on promoting 21st century skills in all students, finding ways of tapping into the particular innate traits of our gifted and talented learners and connecting those traits with the required 21st century skills may not only be worthwhile for their own personal growth but can also benefit students of all abilities in a typical classroom. This is going to be an interactive workshop.

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