ECHA Monthly Lectures

During the 2021 General Assembly it was announced that ECHA will be organizing monthly lectures about themes related to ‘High Ability’. These lectures take place on the last Thursday of every month.

The President of ECHA Professor Lianne Hoogeveen started this series on Thursday, the 30th of September 2021, talking about Implicit Theories concerning Giftedness

Everybody has implicit theories, we need them to function: those things ‘we just know’. We use them also when we call someone gifted, or not gifted. It is good to give it a moment’s thought:  why do we call this person gifted, why do we consider someone else not gifted, and what are the implications of us thinking like that?  

Details of the other lectures can be found below.

If you would like to attend a lecture, please email to request the Zoom link.

If you are interested to give a lecture yourself, or a workshop, please let us know! Send the title and a short summary of what you would like to present, and the month you would like to do that.

Thursday November 30th 2023

Thursday October 26th 2023

Thursday September 28th 2023

Thursday May 25th 2023

Thursday April 27th 2023

Thursday March 30th 2023

Thursday February 23rd 2023

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Thursday November 24th 2022

Thursday October 27th 2022

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