Death Notice for Johanna Raffan

Johanna Raffan MBE

We were shocked and saddened to hear that Johanna Raffan MBE has passed away. 

For many years, Johanna Raffan was part of the executive Committee of ECHA as a long serving secretary. Her knowledge and understanding of how organisations helped ECHA to be the professional entity it is now. Johanna cooperated with several ECHA Presidents, and supported them in an incredible way, keeping them informed about all the rules and regulations while encouraging progress for the organisation.

Apart from that, she was a warm, intelligent woman, with a good sense of humour.  When I first entered the General Committee, I admit that I felt was a little bit “afraid” of this woman, who had such great knowledge. It took only a short while to get to know her better; she supported me and introduced me in the work of the Secretary, when it was clear I would succeed her in this position. I remember pleasant times together, when committee meetings were still ‘on site’, and I learned some nice new (for me) English words, like the night we walked together in Münster, and she said the weather was so ‘balmy’; I love that expression and every time I use it, I think of Johanna, an amazing woman. May she rest in peace. 

On behalf of the ECHA Committee,

Lianne Hoogeveen