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And when I Grew Up?

We would like to invite you to join our research team…

Considering the enthusiasm that this project arouses, we decided to open it to other researchers. This project started with a few countries, but now we are about sixteen. All of us are members of various international gifted organizations and universities.

This research intends to study socioemotional aspects of gifted/high ability adults.

The anonymous questionnaire was developed by an international team of researchers led by Dr. Susana Graciela Pérez Barrera, director of the high ability/giftedness research team (GIAHSD) at the Faculty of Educational Sciences at UDE, in Montevideo, Uruguay. The study seeks to obtain data related to the identification process and how adults experienced it, as well as to understand the attitudes and feelings of adults with giftedness already identified or in the identification process from different countries. In addition, we believe this research would help to recognize, accept, and value the entire large community of people with giftedness worldwide. In each country where the research is conducted, a researcher is responsible for collecting the data and answering possible questions that participants may have.

The participants are invited to read the Informed Consent Terms, which guarantees compliance with internationally recognized research ethics standards and then to answer the questions in the most sincerely and utterly possible way.

Minimum number of participants by country: none

Google form questionnaire: 40 questions approximately.

Completion: 15-20 minutes.

Who can join: teachers, researchers, practitioners, students of giftedness willing to develop a serious, and committed work. For the moment, we have no funds, and our work is completely voluntary.

Tasks: translate the questionnaire into the language of your country, send and receive questionnaires, compile results, participate in some Zoom meetings and if you wish, to present the international and/or national results in various international/national conference as a team.

Deadline: February 15th  to join the group. Questionnaires will be sent from March 15th  through April 30th 2023.

If you have access to gifted adults and are interested, please contact Dr. Susana Perez Barrera at  or Andrée Therrien at and add a phone number to join the group on WhatsApp.

Thank you for your collaboration,

The Phoenix International Research team

Call for applications to organize the 4th Thematic ECHA Conference in 2025

International ECHA Conferences have been the biannual summits of European talent support in the last three decades. The 2016 General Assembly of ECHA modified the Standing Orders of ECHA allowing the organization, of a (much) smaller, thematically well-focused, research oriented ECHA Thematic Conference in between the two biannual International ECHA Conferences. The 1st Thematic ECHA Conference was organized in Dubrovnik (Croatia), between 16-18 October 2019 on Creativity Research & Innovation in Gifted Education: Social, Individual and Educational Perspective. The 2nd Thematic ECHA Conference was held online in Budapest (Hungary) between 25-27 March 2021 on Closing the achievement gaps in gifted education. The 3rd Thematic ECHA conference on teaching Highly Able Students will be held in Israel between Feb 28 – March 2 2023.

The General Committee of ECHA invites organizations involved in gifted education or help of highly able young people in Europe to submit their application to organize the 4th Thematic ECHA Conference in 2025. The Guidelines for a Thematic ECHA Conference can be downloaded from HERE. You should submit your application using the Application Form downloadable from HERE before 30th of November 2023. Please send the proposal by e-mail to the Secretary of ECHA, Dr. Colm O’Reilly to:  before 30th November 2023. By December 18th the ECHA General Committee will discuss the proposal, inform applicants about each others proposal, and the opinion of the General Committee about the proposals. Applicants will be able to withdraw or modify their application until January 31st 2024. The General Committee will announce the organizer, time and venue of the 4th Thematic ECHA Conference by 14th of February 2024 at the ECHA web-site. We look forward to receiving your proposal!