2nd ECHA Thematic Conference Online in Budapest – Registration Open

The Association of Hungarian Talent Support Organisations (MATEHETSZ) together with the University of Debrecen, Hungary organises the international 2nd Thematic ECHA Conference online in March 2021.

The topic of the Conference is ‘Closing the achievement gap’. The persistent disparity in academic performance or educational attainment between different groups of students is a topical issue in gifted education, and the achievement gap is closely related to the concept of equity, fairness in education, equal access to learning opportunities and greater equality in educational achievement, attainment and benefits, all key goals of a caring talent support system.

Our everyday life now abounds in online meetings and activities due to restrictions
imposed by the pandemic. It was originally planned to receive and host attendees in
Budapest, but given the global circumstances, the Conference had to be converted into an online event. The usual 1.5-2-day thematic conference has been extended a whole week, with opportunities to join it twice a day, at 10:00 a.m. and 16:00 p.m. CET. The presentations of each day will be repeated in the morning of the following day to provide comfortable access to people all over the world. Consequently, the Conference will last for an unusual six days, from 23 to 28 March 2021, so it will actually be a so-called ECHA Thematic Week.

During this week we will hear from leading researchers, keynote and invited speakers such as Márta Fülöp (Hungarian Academy of Sciences), Frank C. Worrell (Berkeley, CA), Paula Olszewski-Kubilius (Northwestern University), Jonathan Plucker (Johns Hopkins University) and Tibor Péter Nagy (Hungarian Academy of Sciences).

The measures instigated to fight COVID-19 have made tackling the
underprivileged situation more topical than ever. School shutdowns can deprive students of the educational opportunities they need to build a brighter future, and thereby compound disparities in learning and achievement. In addition, underprivileged students are more likely to remain remote and less likely to have access to the prerequisites of online learning such as electronic devices, internet access and live contact with teachers. Left unaddressed, these opportunity gaps would translate into even wider achievement gaps.

In view of the global economic challenges and in line with our conference topic,
participation at the Conference Week will be free of charge to all, but preliminary
registration is required

ECHA members registered to the conference will later be provided access to all presentations for 6 more months.

Please register to the conference here: https://echa2021budapest.org/?page_id=178

For more info visit the website: https://echa2021budapest.org/

If you have any queries relating to the conference, you can contact the conference organisers at ECHA2021Budapest@tehetseg.hu